• Testimonials
    John-Paul Andrew

    Above knee amputee - Shark attack

    After I lost my leg at the age of 16, my experience with prosthetics has been an uphill battle with pain, discomfort and instability. I thought that I would never walk unassisted by crutches again... until I met Eugene.

    With his knowledge and skill being rivalled only by his willingness to go the extra mile, Eugene has given me a new lease on life. His prosthetics are well thought out, impeccably made and offer their wearers an opportunity to go from feeling disabled, to enabled.

    Truly a master of his craft, I’m certain that if there is a way, Eugene will make it happen. He will get you up and running again, one step at a time.

  • Testimonials
    Megan Clark

    Through Knee Amputee - Road Accident Injury

    It’s been 14 years and so far I have not found a challenge Eugene is not ready to tackle. His facilities are equipped to handle anything! He is determined about finding the best fit and making the very best prosthetics. Eugene is a genuinely caring person, who will go out of his way in order to make you walk out of there feeling your best. Thank you very much for the excellent services!

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    Bruce Walsh

    Bilateral Below-Knee Amputee - Planet Hollywood Bombing Cape Town

    I am a bi-lateral amputee and have been a patient of Eugene Rossouw for the past 5 years. In this time he has created a new pair of prosthetic legs for me and modified an existing pair. Apart from this he services and maintains my legs in a pristine condition. I have been an amputee for the past 17 years and without a doubt these past 5 years under Eugene’s guidance have ensured that my prosthetic legs have been the most comfortable and trouble free.

    This is attributable to the fact that Eugene takes enormous care in his work. His attention to detail, his craftsmanship, and his pride in the appearance of the finished product is what has kept me returning to him. Added to this his professionalism in dealing with me, his warm personality and engaging smile enhances the overall experience.

  • Testimonials
    Dr Hanje Pistorius

    Above Knee Amputee - Road Accident Injury

    Eugene has been taking care of my prosthetic needs for the last 4 years. As an amputee it is very reassuring to know that my comfort and functionality is just as important to him as it is to me. I am a medical practitioner and it has always been very difficult to get time off to tend to my prosthetic needs, Eugene has been very accommodating with my schedule and always willing to help me after hours. You can be reassured that he will always make the time to help if you have any problems – even if he is busy. Most importantly, Eugene is never satisfied until you are both 100% happy with the end product.