Eugene Rossouw
Eugene Rossouw
Eugene Rossouw
  • orthotist and prosthetist

    Driven by an intense passion for the field of prosthetics and compassion for people affected by amputation, Eugene Rossouw orthotist and prosthetist is dedicated to improving the quality of life of his patients with extraordinary expertise.

    We can confidently state that we offer a diversity of prosthetic services and products unequalled by any other practice in South Africa. This is evident in the progressive work done in cosmetic and aesthetic silicone prosthetics, facial prosthetics, Osseointegrated prosthetics, high definition silicone covers and the fitting of Myo-electronic and Bionic prosthetics for upper and lower extremities.

    We offer amputee specific physiotherapy and gait training in-house, an important value added service to ensure the best possible outcome in your prosthetic rehabilitation.

    We pride ourselves on professionalism, true experience, competence and high quality craftsmanship. Eugene Rossouw is personally responsible for each and every step in the measuring, design, manufacturing and fitting of your prosthesis; we do not make use of technicians or outsourced service manufacturing.

    We are not affiliated to any prosthetic component manufacturers; we proactively stay informed of all the latest prosthetic products and accessories from all component manufacturers, recommending and facilitating trial fitting of the prosthetic products that are in each patient's best interest and relevant budget. We don't make the decisions for you; we help you to make informed decisions yourself.

    We offer unrivalled workmanship in a truly world class facility in our custom built prosthetic rehabilitation practice in Sunset Beach, Cape Town.

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